Centre of Academic Excellence (CAE)

We are delighted to bring forth the presence and visibility of University of Stirling, RAK Campus – Centre of Academic Excellence (CAE) to you. Teaching is not a stochastic process but a beacon of logically structured guidance - this belief is our foundation at the CAE. At quantum levels, the teaching deliverables will instill and enhance a passion for teaching and learning – both for the faculties and the students alike. At classical levels this will be visible through the student’s abilities to apply these learnings to the contemporary matrices of personal and professional lives and those of self-development. One of the most important initiatives at the CAE is the ‘learning process ownership’ through self, peer and guided mentoring. CAE’s vision is ‘knowledge – a pursuit of life’.

Ms. Shanthi Rajan, Director – Institution Development will lead the University of Stirling, RAK Campus, CAE initiative.

Shanthi RAJAN is a senior HR professional with a cumulative 29 years of experience in the industry and academia. Shanthi is the Director – Institution Development of University of Stirling, RAK campus and SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) Diplomas. She moved to academia in 2009 and has taught in many reputed international universities namely University of Wollongong, London School of Economics, Middlesex and University of Bolton’s campuses in Ras Al Khaimah, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

During the years she has developed her communication skills and ability to build effective relationships across the board and with various stakeholders and have a strong ability to lead teams as well as highly developed skills in detailed analysis and problem-solving situations. Apart from teaching, Shanthi facilitates, design, and deliver need based trainings and workshops in India, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Sudan which include in house and public programs as part of Management Development programs for senior executives in areas such as OB, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. She translates her 17 years of Corporate experience into classroom knowledge through her teaching and communication skills. She uses the edifice of emotional intelligence based education system as the core concept in classroom teaching. She is a good team player with her colleagues and her students - an emotional intelligence approach that reflects in her disposition in workplace and beyond.

She holds a Master’s degree with specialization in Strategic Human Resources Management from the University of Wollongong, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education Leadership (USA). Her core areas of specialization and research interest includes Strategic HRM, OB, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. She is an affiliate member of CILT (UK) and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK). She is a certified S+EI coach from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (ISEI), Denver, Colorado and also certified in using Positive Psychology for coaching S+EI. She is an Advisory Board Member for Higher Education Digest, an independent information portal with a digital and print-on-demand and also an Academic Advisory Board member of DMTIMS, Navi Mumbai. She has completed her Postgraduate certification (PGCert) in teaching and learning from University of Bolton (UK) and her Higher Education Teaching Certification from Harvard, Derek Bok Centre of Teaching and Learning, Harvard University.

Faculty Development Programs (FDP)

Centre of Academic Excellence (CAE) has initiated series of Faculty Development Programs (FDP) for their teaching staffers that will give them a deeper insight to reflect on teaching practices and portfolio building. In addition to this educators will have an opportunity to explore the focus areas of pedagogy, course and assessment design, professional communication, language and culture of the classroom, as well as their reflections on teaching. These sessions will use the most relevant research on how students learn in the HE context as well as broaden their range of teaching skills, and help them create inclusive teaching strategies in their unique context. In addition to this, these sessions will help them chalk out their teaching philosophy and teaching portfolio which details their experience and critical reflections on teaching and learning.

As educators it is critical to have a constant upgradation of skills and must be willing to acquire new skills and innovate in order to stay abreast of the market developments and through CAE we offer a variety of faculty development sessions catering to this very area.

FDP Series

Personal Development Programs (PDP)

Personal Development Programs (PDP) as a metaphor is like Fibonacci sequence where one arranges all their attributes in the most optimal manner and it is more of a reflection from within and to the world they belong to. The objective of the proposed PDPs are to have a holistic approach toward personal development from the perspective of developing ones’ own self-awareness towards their objectives, aspirations and goals of life while recognizing the situations and the demands both at work and life. This recognition gives an impetus to the strategic thought process whilst translating those into tangible achievements at a tactical level. In short, PDPs are to enhance one’s skills, capabilities, citizenry and the deliverables which one is expected to accomplish. Understanding oneself is a prerequisite for understanding the impact we have on people and on situations. Individuals are responsible for developing their own portfolio of skills and people learn best when they decide what they need to do for themselves. Given the importance of PDP in one’s career development, CAE has put together series of PDP sessions for the staffers.

PDP Series

Connect and Reach Out Initiatives (CRO)

At University of Stirling, RAK Campus, we believe in reaching out to other learning communities, enterprises, entities and people locally and in different parts of the world who may benefit from propagation of the knowledge and create success in life for themselves. Through the ‘Connect and Reach Out’ Initiatives we mutually and continuously enrich our knowledge and culture as a learning and teaching community.

CRO Series

Social Responsibility Quotient (SRQ)

As a University we have a social responsibility to participate in the enhancement of the community’s knowledge and to provide guidance towards an informed, successful and knowledge based sustaining capabilities. This initiative is designed to cause a tangible impact on these communities through University of Stirling’s various relevant programmmes for the community’s improvements in useful and productive life skills. Another aim of this programme is to create a motivation and a purpose for learning among people irrespective of age and the societal status for the larger good of the society.

SRQ Series

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