Working with
Big Data


The purpose of the webinar is to build students’ capacity to make mindful and intentional choices that will positively foster competitive employment.

Big data is increasingly important in today’s commercial landscape. As a data scientist specializing in big data, you will help companies make sense of large amounts of structured and unstructured data, moving with an amazing velocity and providing rapid insights that enable them to make better, quicker decision. The fulcrums of Big Data are the four Vs and we learn how to leverage the power of various available tools to harness meaningful assembly and insight on these data.


  • • Develop an understanding of the BigData
  • • Learning the applications of BigData
  • • Learning the handling of Structured Database


  • • Big Data - a tsunami that is hitting us already- 2 mins
  • • The four classic dimensions of Big Data (4 Vs) -1 mins
  • • Some examples of Big Data- 8 mins
  • • Types of Big Data- 2 mins
  • • Handling Structured Data base – 2 mins
  • • SQL- Hands on – 30 mins


  • • SQL worksheet
  • • Worksheet solution

About the Facilitator

Archana Pandita is a teaching professional offering over 13 years of work experience in Industry and Academics. Currently working as Program Director for MSc. BigData, BSc Software Engineering and BSc Computing Science in Department of Computing, University of Stirling, RAK campus, UAE. She is an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy–UK. She has currently 10 publications in reputed international journals in my name. Her major research area are cloud computing and machine learning. She is an IBM certified educator for security analyst and Big Data Engineer.

She is a certified trainer of Bigdata Course offered by IBM and has conducted various similar sessions in past for students as well as working professional.