Faculty- Fine Arts/Visual Art, and Art History

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Faculty- Fine Arts/Visual Art, and Art History
The interviews are expected to take place on March 2021.
Nationality Preferred - Non-Asian, Algerian, British, Irani, Indo-European, GCC Years of experience: 06-07 years

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To plan, prepare and teach strong lessons for the classroom which enthuse and inspire students, and promote enjoyment of learning. To effectively use a variety of learning styles, having regard to the individual learning needs of students. To select and sequence appropriate materials, resources and approaches according to the course type and learners. To assess, track and provide relevant and timely feedback on achievement, progress and developmental needs to students, academic and other managers/colleagues, including student records. To adhere to all statutory regulations and to SQA policies and procedures. To adhere to the standards and procedures detailed in the Staff Handbook. To carry out formative and summative assessments as appropriate.

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