Find out what life is really like at the University of Stirling from our students and graduates. Hear about their student experience and discover how they’ve grown both personally and professionally to prepare for a successful future.

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Mahra Mohammed

Academic Year - 2020-21

"University of Stirling is a university with a high-quality teaching and research. I selected this university by knowing the teaching quality and having a good faculty members so I found it better as compared to other university in Rak. Teaching quality is great as all teachers tries to teach in a good way and makes us understand everything in a class itself. The program I selected has both theory and practical which helps us to have practical knowledge also. Faculty members from UK also connects with us for teaching purposes. Its fun to learn in university of stirling. "

Joe Christian Gatchalian

Academic Year - 2020-21

"University of Stirling has been in our list of potential universities in the UAE to go to because of the courses and quality of learning it offered. One of the main qualities of a University that we were looking for was its education, the courses it offered and its cost. With University of Stirling, it hit all the marks that we were looking for it has Accounting as a course and it was in our family’s budget. For the first year of Accounting and Finance or the first semester our teachers have done a great job in introducing to us the basics and some advance concepts of our course. And with the use of the Stirling portal, it made things easier when it comes to learning."

Claire Jasmin

Year - 2019-20

"When I was in highschool, I discovered my passion in accounting. I was firm that I wanted to become a business professional in the future. This led me to pursue BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance. When I turned 19, we moved here in the UAE. It took me months to search for the best university for me. Luckily, the University of Stirling came my way. I chose it because it fits my description of an ideal university. First, it has an overall 5-star rating in QS World rankings 2020, it has accomodating staff, complete facilities and qualified professors with excellent teaching methods, giving quality education. Currently, I am in my 2nd year of the programme, and I can see that I have learned a lot of things, not just in theory, but practical knowledge and application as well. I am happy that I chose this univeristy and I am pretty confident that it will give me a great advantage in reaching my dreams."

BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Adam Kalsekar, BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Year: 2022-25

Doua Ejaz - BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering

Year - 2018-19

"I am fortunate and honored to be a part of the University of Stirling RAK Campus, a place where I can grow to be a successful being. The entire faculty and departments are really helpful and cooperative and have helped me throughout the semester leaving behind my fears of joining a completely new place. They have helped me develop various academic and personal skills. Learning from online classes at the beginning could be a lot challenging but thanks to the teachers who made this easy by helping us get our doubts cleared through drop-ins whenever possible. It was a wonderful experience. Huge respect for the entire faculty for their love, devotion and dedication that they have put in to teach us. I am sure that when I step out of this place I will be completely prepared to face all the challenges of the corporate world."

Salama Adam - B.SC in Software Engineering

Year - 2018-19

"The learning experience at the University of Stirling RAK campus is very rewarding! The professors and staff are open-hearted and are always willing to help no matter what. I would like to highlight that I tremendously improved in both academic as well as personal skills. The projects and assignments we did during the coursework taught me a lot about software not just in theory but also in practice. I like the fact that the class size is small, therefore, each student gets special attention and can improve. I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing program, having to interact with students worldwide that answer and passionately engage in discussions. "

Khadijah Mohammed Abdul Shahid - B.SC in Software Engineering

Year - 2018-19

"I choose University of Stirling, RAK Campus because it is a leading UK University. I wanted to attend a university where I would be offered scholarships and had a software engineering program as I wanted to pursue this major. After I attended my first semester at RAK Campus, I can only say that I have learned so much from all my professors. They have helped me throughout my class and used different teaching methods. I have learnt to be more confident as I have delivered many seminars. The faculty at the University of Stirling, RAK Campus are passionate about teaching and go above and beyond to help students to achieve their goals. I would recommend anyone University of Stirling, RAK campus because they have so much to offer the students. I know that I will be able to have a career in software engineering as I am learning and expanding my knowledge."

BSc (Hons) Management

Lisa Andria Andrade, BSc (Hons) Management

Year: 2018-19

Mariyam Abdul Rehman, BSc Management

Year - 2018-19

"Choosing the University of Stirling - Rak is the right decision made by me as this university has given me opportunities to explore and enhance my skills and competence. Learning a new form of education and doing assignments on current topics has made my learning experience very interesting and useful for the future. The course content for BSc Management is interesting and relatable to real work life including doing various research and assignments on current news. "

"The university provides the right kind of attention and guidance that a student needs to excel in academics and teach us time management. Having great learning from the experienced faculty who understand the essence of the module has its peak here.

Varsha Anil, BSc(Hons) Management

Year - 2018-19

"University of Stirling gave me a whole new experience. On all the modules, the coursework was fun and a combination of excellent teachers and fascinating content ensured that it was too easy to manage and revision did not become a hassle. There were outings, lectures by renowned experienced people who have proven themselves in the world of business administration to help with the learning as well. I was able to understand the importance of time management throughout the study by ensuring that deadlines are completed on time. I could develop a better working mentality in many challenging situations. I really enjoyed all the support and assistance I got from teachers who are obviously enthusiastic about their subject. It's been good to meet new people on our campus and a higher degree of involvement in my academic studies. I definitely liked being able to establish myself as a person, to become more confident, to learn from mistakes, and to balance the extra-curricular activities with my studies."

Lisa Andria Andrade, BSc(Hons) Management

Year - 2018-19

"I study BSc (Hons) Management program in UOS Rak campus. Being in this university I have got to learn a lot and thanks to them, I have developed both academically and personally. The teachers are good and will assist you in any doubts and problems. There has not been a dull moment at University of Stirling, RAK. I've made friends for life and I'm proud of myself for maximizing every opportunity. The modules were not only interactive but also have industrial visits and guest lecturers, which provided useful insight for me as a student. Students are encouraged to create, conduct, and execute events and other activities which I find is a great confidence booster. "

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